Our Mission

dRAILED started out is to help humankind through cycling and volunteering. Since then it has expanded into other activities (running, walking, etc). Each year members choose charitable organization to support. They may raise funds, spread information, or volunteer to name a few ways.

Every member has their own reason that drives them to the finish line. Some participants join because they love the thrill of sharing the same expierence with so many others. Others join because it’s a good excuse to dust off the bike or shoes. In the end all members feel the commitment to help out those who can’t.

Not a cyclist, runner, or walker? That’s ok! About a 3rd of our team are volunteers. They participate in the same events along side our sporty members.

What Changed?

Backstory, everyone has one which brought us to this moment.

In 2007, my buddy and I wanted to lose weight and become healthier. We bought identical Mountain Bikes and started biking to work daily. As the pounds fell off and it became increasingly easier, we started to look for a challenge. We talked about biking out to Madison just to see if we could do it, but neither of us had the stones to do it on our own. Then, in 2008, we stumbled onto the Best Damn Bike Tour. After checking the route we realized we might be able to achieve this with full support both mechanically and medically.

This personal (selfish) goal we had turned into an honor representing those stricken with MS. I completed my 2 day event riding 125 miles and raising over $500; it was one the hardest things I ever had to do.

My feet and hands were numb and my legs were cramping, however, I knew that in the following days I would feel my old self again. So while I struggled and contemplated giving up during the ride, I knew those with MS would gladly feel the pain I had if they could feel their old self again tomorrow.

How does that not motivate you to keep pedaling?

Michael on the other hand lead me to beleive it was nothing at all, and rode me about it for quite awhile. I then came to find out the following year that he was hurting too. Friends am I right?

Decade Later

Since that first big ride, the three of us (Michael, my wife Jennifer, and myself) slowly included more events and memebers, it has become one of the biggest joys in my life.